As I walked today, I found myself contemplating the profound question: What is life force? This enigmatic energy that animates all living beings has been a subject of fascination across various disciplines. To understand it, we must explore spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspectives, and then the idea of consciousness as a substrate or plasma that manifests as form and magnetism. Additionally, we can consider simulation theory, where life force emerges from self-awareness and purpose, potentially bending the very physics of our existence.

Spiritual Perspectives

Many spiritual traditions speak of a life force that permeates the universe. In Hinduism, it is called prana, the vital energy that flows through all living things. Similarly, in Chinese philosophy, qi is the life force that underlies physical and mental activity. These traditions view life force as an essential, omnipresent energy that sustains life and connects all beings. It is not just the energy that animates us but also a force that can be harnessed through practices like meditation, yoga, and tai chi to achieve greater harmony and health.

Philosophical Perspectives

Philosophically, the concept of life force can be traced back to vitalism, the idea that living organisms are fundamentally different from non-living entities because of a “vital spark.” While modern science has largely moved away from vitalism, the idea persists in various forms. Existential philosophers might argue that life force is tied to our drive to find meaning and purpose. For thinkers like Nietzsche, the “will to power” is a fundamental force that drives individuals to assert themselves and create their destinies.

Scientific Perspectives

From a scientific standpoint, life force is often interpreted through the lens of biology and physics. The Gaia hypothesis, for instance, proposes that Earth itself is a self-regulating system, with life interacting with the environment to maintain conditions conducive to survival. Evolutionary biology suggests that the drive to survive and reproduce is an expression of this life force, manifesting as genetic code that adapts to ensure the continuation of life. This perspective aligns with the notion that life force is inherently committed to preservation. The drive to sustain life, seen even at the smallest levels of organisms, highlights the intrinsic value of life force and its role in the continuity of life.

Plasma of Consciousness

I envision life force as a kind of plasma or substrate of consciousness that manifests as form and magnetism. This idea suggests that consciousness is not merely a byproduct of biological processes but a fundamental aspect of the universe. Life force, in this view, is a magnetic energy that attracts and organizes matter into living systems. This magnetic quality can be observed in the attraction between new lovers, a palpable sensation of life willing itself forward. This life force drives us to act with purpose, feeding a sense of purpose and direction.

Simulation Theory

Simulation theory offers another intriguing perspective. It posits that our reality might be a sophisticated simulation, where self-awareness and purpose are key to understanding life force. In this context, life force could be the energy that enables us to navigate and even manipulate the rules of the simulation. This theory suggests that as we become more self-aware and aligned with our purpose, we gain the ability to “bend the physics” of our existence, much like a player mastering a video game.


In conclusion, life force is a multifaceted concept that transcends disciplines. From spiritual traditions that view it as a vital energy to philosophical debates about the essence of life and scientific theories that explore its role in evolution and planetary health, life force remains a central mystery of existence. My own perspective integrates these views, envisioning life force as a magnetic plasma of consciousness that drives purpose and self-awareness. Additionally, because life force is so special, it is inherently committed to preservation, ensuring the continuity of life through adaptation and self-protection. Whether seen through the lens of ancient wisdom, modern science, or speculative theory, the quest to understand life force continues to inspire and challenge us.

Written by : Brad Hook

Brad Hook is a writer, podcaster, speaker and entrepreneur. Connect with Brad. He helps individuals and organizations build resilience and align with core values through inspiring workshops and a powerful suite of digital tools.

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