In Resilience Mastery, the findings from the Resilience Institute’s extensive survey of over 20,000 individuals lay the foundation to explore the essence of resilience in the modern world. The book identifies 11 pivotal factors – from well-understood concepts like focus, purpose, and optimism to lesser-acknowledged essentials such as sleep quality, vitality, and values alignment.

While every individual encounters setbacks, the resilient persevere, harnessing a unique combination of physical, emotional, and cognitive strengths. They navigate life’s hurdles with focus and grit, always ready to recalibrate and rebound. This book takes readers on a journey through each resilience factor, interlaced with inspiring narratives of those who have conquered their realms.

Brad Hook delves into the intriguing idea that humanity operates on an antiquated system, often manipulated by external forces such as groupthink, alluring marketing, and digital addictions. The challenges presented by these influences are juxtaposed against our innate responses – freeze, fight, and flight – that, while evolutionary protective, might no longer serve us in our complex landscape.

Resilience Mastery calls for an evolution. To thrive, we must cultivate presence, renew our sense of purpose, and foster vitality. By choosing challenges that resonate with our deepest values, we align our actions with genuine purpose. The book is more than just a guide; it’s an invitation to master the skills that unleash our innate potential, ensuring that we don’t just survive but flourish in our ever-evolving world.

A well written, insightful and clear expression of resilience qualities and the strategies needed to attain them in our lives.

– 5 star review

Our existence is deeply intertwined with waves; they are omnipresent in both the tangible and intangible realms. From the easily discernible waves such as light, sound, and electrical, to the intricate quantum waves that form the foundation of our very reality, waves influence our lives in profound ways. These waves are not just physical manifestations; they parallel the experiential waves of opportunities that continually shape our life’s journey. Opportunities that present themselves in various forms, be it chances for love, success, happiness, adventures, failures, or a plethora of other enriching experiences.

Drawing inspiration from the world of surfing, “Surfing Life Waves” delves into the mindset of a surfer — individuals who have mastered the art of riding the ocean’s waves. Their approach serves as a powerful metaphor for navigating life’s myriad waves. Surfers exhibit passion, commitment, and an enviable sense of detachment as they dance with the waves, teaching us the importance of being in the moment, achieving flow, and finding joy in the process. Life, much like the ocean, is replete with waves waiting to be ridden. Every wave is an opportunity, a lesson, or an adventure. How we recognize and ride these waves — seizing them with passion, navigating challenges with commitment, or sometimes just letting them pass with detachment — defines our unique journey. It’s a reminder that life’s waves are plentiful and ever-present. The art and choice of how to embrace them, enjoy them, and learn from them, lies entirely in our hands.