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Brad Hook blends Science and Wisdom for Purposeful Performance.

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From focus to fulfillment, this book guides you towards your own version of sustainable high performance. Discover how to live a great life in this research-based guide to resilience.

Purposeful performance

Brad Hook believes that we can co-create a better future by discovering our core values, improving personal resilience and leveraging technology wisely.

Resilience Podcast


Unlocking insights and sharing unique perspectives relating to resilience, well-being and performance.

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Keynotes, Seminars and workshops

Practical, engaging and fun

Brad Hook is not just an ordinary speaker; he’s a global influencer who has been the voice of inspiration for some of the world’s top-tier companies and governmental organizations. With a roster that boasts of industry giants like PwC, Electronic Arts, Bridgestone, and Franklin Templeton, to governmental bodies of nations like New Zealand and Canada, Brad has shaped the mindsets and core principles of thousands across multiple continents.

Through his highly-acclaimed Resilience Institute training sessions, Brad introduces his audience to a dynamic blend of evidence-based techniques and strategies. He has an innate ability to fuse the most recent scientific research with age-old tales, creating a captivating narrative that not only informs but also deeply resonates. Every session is peppered with impactful exercises that encourage participation, introspection, and tangible change.

A unique aspect of Brad’s talks is his talent for intertwining multiple disciplines. He effortlessly blends philosophy with science, illustrating how age-old wisdom can complement modern findings. Likewise, his discussions bridge the gap between biology and spirituality, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the human body, mind, and spirit.

With an approach that is both holistic and grounded, Brad Hook is the voice that many organizations trust to guide them through transformation, growth, and innovation.

Practical and relevant!

Brad’s training sessions provided highly relatable material that helped us develop a better awareness of personal behaviours and EQ, with practical measures to help address them. I couldn’t think of anything better than to encourage someone to take up the opportunity to attend this series of highly interactive sessions.

Duncan, Workshop Participant


Attending one of Brad Hook’s sessions was nothing short of transformative for me. From the moment he began speaking, the room was enveloped in an undeniable warmth that made every word resonate deeply.

Brad’s breadth of knowledge is commendable, but what stands out even more is his unique ability to weave that knowledge into relatable, practical examples that could easily be applied to our daily lives. I left the session not only more informed but also deeply inspired and empowered.

Luisa, C-Level workshop participant

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