Enter the world of resilience, inspiration, and personal growth with Brad Hook, your guide to navigating life’s complexities and unlocking your full potential. Our podcast hub is home to two distinct yet equally enriching series.

The Brad Hook Podcast

Step into a world of diverse perspectives and fascinating stories with The Brad Hook Podcast. Here, Brad engages with a wide array of guests, from strongman Jon Andersen to surf legend Barton Lynch, each bringing their unique experiences and insights. Whether it’s discussing the mental and physical fortitude required in extreme sports or uncovering the secrets to personal fulfillment, this podcast promises to inspire, entertain, and provoke thought. Each conversation is a journey into the lives and minds of remarkable individuals, offering a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

The Resilience Podcast

This is the official podcast of the Resilience Institute. Join Brad Hook as he sits down with leading experts, thought leaders, and inspiring individuals who share their insights on building resilience in an ever-changing world. From exploring the science of happiness with Tal Ben Shahar to relationship dynamics with Dr. Teri Orbuch, each episode offers practical strategies and profound wisdom to help you thrive. Discover how to cultivate a resilient mindset, enhance your well-being, and navigate life’s challenges with grace and confidence.