Brad is a reliable and dynamic speaker who excels at blending cutting-edge research with timeless wisdom, all while incorporating humor and a captivating storytelling style.

Having traveled extensively, he has enjoyed the privilege of engaging with experts from various fields, spanning business, sports, and spirituality. Through these encounters, Brad has cultivated a broad and holistic understanding of diverse perspectives relating to human flourishing. Moreover, his collaboration with renowned academics specializing in human resilience and high performance has equipped him with invaluable insights and a deep grasp of the latest scientific research. As a documentary director, writer and podcast host, he has captured firsthand stories of change and transformation.

These combined experiences uniquely position Brad to deliver compelling talks on a wide range of topics, each offering a message of hope and inspiration. Currently, his interest centers around the concept of core values and “fierce compassion,” which will be the subject of his forthcoming book to be published in 2024. This topic interconnects human wellbeing, values, resilience, and compassion with practical micro-habits, empowering individuals to embark on their transformative journeys immediately.