radley Hook is an experienced speaker based in New Zealand who delivers inspiring engagements with warmth, humility and humour. He stands at the crossroads of resilience, innovation, and leadership, partnering with companies such as PwC, Electronic Arts, Schindler, Bridgestone, the New Zealand and Canadian Governments, Delegat, Fletcher Building and many more to enable transformative change. As a partner at the Resilience Institute, he spearheads innovation by blending technology with well-being to enhance global workplace health.

Brad’s work is deeply rooted in actionable insights, as evidenced by his books, “Resilience Mastery” (2020) and the forthcoming “Start With Values” (Penguin Random House, 2024). His entrepreneurial spirit led to the foundation of Start With Values (formerly the Values Institute), the launch of environmental initiative Tick Green and action sports magazine Surfd.com, showcasing his dedication to merging passion with purpose.

Through his documentary, “Waves of Freedom,” a column in Entrepreneur Magazine, and two successful podcasts, Brad shares real-world success stories, cutting-edge research, and motivational insights. Collaborating with partners like Oura Ring, The Icehouse and The University of Auckland, he broadens his impact beyond traditional corporate settings, facilitating personal growth and collective progress for a diverse audience.

Residing in Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, Brad’s philosophy is that fulfillment is achieved by aligning practical actions with core values. This belief is the cornerstone of his compelling seminars and workshops, delivered in over 30 countries. Brad not only navigates individuals through today’s complexities but also lays out a strategic path to intentional, purpose-driven success in an ever-changing world.

Brad’s session went down really well with the team, with so much positive feedback on the content and a number of comments along the lines of “Best training I’ve ever done,” which speaks for itself! Brad got plenty of engagement from the crowd which is often a challenge when speaking, and the room was buzzing afterwards! If you’re looking for a speaker to help out your team, I would definitely recommend getting Brad in to speak!

Bradley West, Pinnacles Civil

Brad Hook is an outstanding presenter, facilitator, communicator and educator.  His evidence-based approach and insights provide credibility and robustness to even the most critical of audience members.  He meets people where they are on their journey and invites them, without judgement, to explore opportunities to lean into a greater understanding and practice. I have had the pleasure of observing Bradley work with academic and business audiences and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him.

Deborah Shepherd, PHD., University of Auckland

This a program that genuinely helps people improve their wellbeing and health as individuals. It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate that the organization is genuinely committed to their staff. Also, progress is measurable.

John Bell, Fletcher Building

Brad’s training sessions provided highly relatable material that helped us develop a better awareness of personal behaviours and EQ, with practical measures to help address them. I couldn’t think of anything better than to encourage someone to take up the opportunity to attend this series of highly interactive sessions.

Duncan S, Workshop Participant

Speaking Topics

Resilience: Performance With Care

In “Resilience: Performance With Care,” Bradley Hook unveils a research-driven, holistic approach to resilience that transcends traditional boundaries. Integrating principles from high-performance sports, positive psychology, neuroscience, and the lessons learned from Blue Zones—areas of the world where people live longer and healthier—Brad offers a comprehensive view on enhancing physical, emotional, and mental fitness.

With every concept explored, Brad elucidates the “why,” “how,” and “what,” propelling attendees towards meaningful action by adopting micro-habits that build resilience. This session is enriched with practical tools for sleep optimization, movement, breathwork, and strategies to cultivate positivity, empathy, focus, and mindfulness.

Bradley’s narrative weaves together compelling stories and actionable insights, drawing participants into a journey towards sustained wellbeing and performance. Garnering acclaim from thousands of participants worldwide, this session is humorous, interactive and fun. Attendees leave equipped not only with knowledge but with the tools and motivation to implement lasting change in their lives. It is perfect for the after lunch slot, or to kickstart a conference.

Bring Your Values To Life

In “Bring Your Values to Life,” Bradley Hook offers a compelling exploration into making core values tangible for individuals and organizations alike. Whether it’s personal growth or fostering a values-driven culture within a business, this session is designed to enable action.

Brad effortlessly blends philosophy, science, and psychology to help participants discover, activate, and align with their core values. He transforms abstract concepts into actionable verbs, connecting them to habits and tools for daily practice. This approach ensures values become integral to decision-making, effective communication, and cultivating a respectful appreciation for diversity within teams.

“Bring Your Values to Life” is an invitation to move beyond aspiration and make values a living, breathing part of who you are and how you operate within the wider world.

Fulfillment: Building a Life of Meaning

“Fulfillment: Building a Life of Meaning” is a deeply insightful session by Bradley Hook, based on groundbreaking research suggesting that fulfillment is the key skill underpinning resilience and wellbeing. In this engaging talk, Brad shares findings from his extensive study and enriching dialogues with a diverse range of global thought leaders, academics, and notable figures. From conversations with Harvard’s Happiness expert Tal Ben-Shahar to insights from bestselling author David Robson (“The Expectation Effect”) to wisdom from kung fu masters, monks, and big wave surfers, this session spans a broad spectrum of perspectives on cultivating a meaningful life.

Brad employs the powerful metaphor of building and nurturing your flame, introducing practical tools focused on presence, gratitude, perseverance, and finding deeper meaning in our daily lives. This session is designed to ignite a path for participants, encouraging the development of discernment, clarity, and the pursuit of a life that truly matters.

Through a blend of storytelling, empirical evidence, and practical advice, “Fulfillment: Building a Life of Meaning” invites attendees to explore the essence of what it means to live fully and authentically. Participants will leave empowered to nurture their own flame, embarking on a journey toward fulfillment and a life replete with significance.