Bradley Hook (also known as Brad Hook) is a keynote speaker based in New Zealand who brings a unique blend of resilience, innovation, and leadership to his presentations. With extensive experience collaborating with major organisations, governments, startups and business incubators, Brad delivers engaging and transformative insights that resonate deeply with his audience.

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Resilience: Performance with Care

In the modern workplace, where the pace of change is relentless, the ability to sustain resilience is critical. It is the antidote to burnout, mental distress and anxiety. Brad’s session, “Resilience: Performance With Care,” offers a research-driven, holistic approach to building resilience. Integrating lessons from high-performance sports, neuroscience, positive psychology, ancient philosophy and even the world’s Blue Zones, Brad delivers practical strategies for enhancing physical, emotional, and mental fitness.

This session is packed with actionable insights, including micro-habits that build resilience in tiny increments to bypass the “knowing-doing” gap. Optimised sleep, effective breathwork, positivity and mindfulness practices are all part of this impactful session. Brad’s engaging delivery, combined with his use of humor and interaction, ensures that participants are not only educated but also entertained, making it an ideal choice for any conference slot.

As a partner at Resilience Institute Global, with hundreds of seminars under his belt, Brad is the go-to presenter for all things resilience. He worked closely with Resilience Institute founder, Dr Sven Hansen, for almost a decade and authored the book Resilience Mastery, which was published in 2020.

Bring Your Values to Life

Bradley Hook’s “Bring Your Values to Life” session is a compelling exploration of how individuals and organizations can authentically integrate core values into their daily practices. Through a blend of philosophy, science, and psychology, Brad helps participants activate and align with their core values, transforming them from static concepts into actionable verbs that guide decision-making and enhance team dynamics.

This presentation goes beyond theoretical discussions, offering practical tools and habits that attendees can immediately implement. The result is a stronger, values-driven culture within teams, which is crucial for fostering innovation and respect in the workplace. Brad can deliver an inspiring keynote that highlights the power of values drive action — or a customised presentation showing how to activate your organisations values!

As the founder and author of Start With Values, no one is better positioned to inspire your audience with a session about core values.

Fulfillment: Building a Life of Meaning

In the session “Fulfillment: Building a Life of Meaning,” Bradley Hook draws on his extensive research and interactions with global thought leaders to unlock the secrets to living a fulfilled life. This talk is rich with diverse perspectives, from academic insights to wisdom from monks and big-wave surfers, all centered on how to cultivate a meaningful existence. Brad has interviewed some of the world’s leading academics about topics such as happiness (Tal Ben-Shahar) and presence (Dr Steven Laureys) on the Resilience Podcast and philosophy expert Jonny Thomson on the Brad Hook Podcast. He weaves these insights into an inspiring, research-based, yet profoundly meaningful session, where he employs metaphors like nurturing your flame to introduce practical tools focused on presence, gratitude, and perseverance.

Attendees of this session gain not only theoretical knowledge but also practical steps to pursue a life filled with purpose and significance.


Each of these sessions reflects Bradley Hook’s dedication to delivering keynote speeches that are not only motivational but also rich with actionable insights and strategies for personal and professional growth. His approach ensures that every participant leaves equipped to face the complexities of today’s world with confidence and a new perspective on resilience, values, and fulfillment.

Bradley Hook stands out as a keynote speaker who combines warmth, humor, and profound insights, making him a sought-after speaker for events across New Zealand and internationally. His commitment to innovation and well-being has made a significant impact on many, and his upcoming works promise to further his influence in the fields of resilience and values-based living.

Written by : Brad Hook

Brad Hook is a writer, podcaster, speaker and entrepreneur. Connect with Brad. He helps individuals and organizations build resilience and align with core values through inspiring workshops and a powerful suite of digital tools.

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